My first real meal for the first day of this year is with my husband and sister-in-law, Katrina. We spent the last two days of year 2011 in Tagaytay and we just got back to Manila around 12:30pm. What made us decide to choose Flapjacks? Well it’s only because of my Enjoy voucher. It says, buy one main dish, free one main with equal or lesser value.


Initially, we planned to order Salisbury Steak and Fish and Chips. However, their supplier failed to deliver today so there was no Fish of any kind available. We finally decided on their burrito. Additionally, we ordered their lunch sized Caesar Salad and one glass of Vanilla Milkshake.





We played Monopoly deal while waiting for our orders to arrive. The shake came first. Thick and creamy — they used vanilla ice cream to make it.


It was followed by the salad, then the two main dishes we ordered.

These are what’s left of the food when I remembered to take pictures of them. Obviously, blogging about food is quite new to me.


The Caesar salad, which we devoured like rabbits was good. The dressing was a bit thick, the croutons and bacon bits were freshly cooked.

The Salisbury steak was thick and juicy. It was accompanied by mixed veggies (corn, peas and carrots) and
mashed potato that wasn’t creamy but still yummy.

The burrito was not as good as the other burritos in town. Still, the serving was huge and the food we ordered filled the three of us up.


Total food bill amounted to 713.48, with service charge. The burito was discounted. Even with the voucher, I still find the bill too expensive. For me, 700+ is not worth the food we ate.


I feel that their main competitor is Pancake House, and personally, I prefer Pancake House. Sorry.


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