My Prayer for Sheila.


Writing this prayer in the middle of the night helps me stay awake and focused. This is done as part of the prayer chain for Sheila’s recovery.

Our Father in heaven,

You are the God almighty. The big and awesome one.  You created the heavens and the earth and everything in it. You created man from dust and breathe life to him. All these things seem fictional but it’s not. It’s truer than the story of Edward and Bella, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. It is more honest than an innocent child telling the truth. These things are fact and You made them so because You can. You are the one true God, and you only need to SAY it to make things come to being. Who’s to stop me from thinking that You placed the idea of iPod and iPad in Steve Job’s mind? Who gets the credit for providing for the day-to-day needs of Fil and me? It is You, God. Only You. I sit here in front of my PC, telling You how I feel, and here I am, in complete awe of You. Christian worship songs are coming to my mind, full of praises to Your goodness and mercy.

I am sorry Lord for my sinfulness and selfishness. I am sorry if I only talk to You wholeheartedly when I need something from You. I am sorry if I barely say hello during good days, and nag You for days in bad times. I am sorry if I am more interested in reading my JD Robb books than the Bible. I’m sorry for sleeping late and waking up late all the time. I’m sorry for not taking care of my body, not visiting the doctor when I need to, I’m sorry for not being a good steward of Your goodness. Father, I’m a very selfish and inconsiderate person and You know that. But despite of it, You chose me to be Your child. You first loved me. You picked me up from wherever I was and placed me here with Fil, living a better life, and serving you more. Still, I sin. No matter how good you are to me, I still sin. I can’t help it. Even when I say sorry, I know that next time, I will do it again and again. I will be late for Church again, I will pick fights with Fil again. Boy I’m glad Jesus was there to save me from my wickedness!

I thank You for using various circumstances to bringing me close to you. I thank you for providing good business, and for letting the Holy Spirit to nudge me in paying my taxes (though it really hurts). I thank You for being true to Your promises. Last week, we barely had 6k in our bank account: all income went to pay the bills. Still, HS nudged Fil and me to withdraw the  4k and offer it to You. Now what do I have? You honored our faith and provided us with more! You know what we need and You gave it to us at the right time. Two months ago, I kept praying for self-control and weight loss. I prayed and prayed, and You also answered my prayer with a yes. I feel like Solomon asking You for wisdom. You are one awesome God.

Now I come to You once more, in full seriousness, to intercede for Sheila Marie Tan. There are many people who are sick today. People die every single minute. But Father, we are coming to You as a  universal church. We do not know each other and yet we share one common bond. We are Your children. And the Bible says, we just need to ask, and You’ll grant it to us if it is Your will. So Father, now, we are asking. Healing for  our sister in Christ, Sheila Marie Tan. I don’t know her personally, I haven’t met her. But I know her parents. I know how her father always try to help those who suffered from dengue. He would take time to visit the patients, bring tawa-tawa plants, go with pastors to pray for the sick. I have worked with her mother for a short while, teaching her group one dance number for Jubilee Christian Academy Parents Auxiliary’s presentation. Why them, Lord? Why now? Why her? I know things happen for a reason, but why should it happen to those who  love You a lot, and those who serve You? Is this a punishment for sin, like what You did to David? Is this a situation similar to Job’s? I sure hope that this is just a test of faith for the entire family, and that You will show through this situation that we are once more victorious over death and sickness. Over sin and suffering.  I know heaven is a nice place. But can we ask for a longer time for Sheila to be with us? Grant her a new heart Father. A new and working heart. I pray for healing and recovery Father. I pray that there will be no further complications, and that each of her good cells are strong enough to work and adapt. At Your own pace, in Your perfect timing. I pray that you will sustain her family members and all those people who cares for her. I lift up to You Marvin. I hope that this situation shall pass and end happily. Heal her completely Father, and let her be a living testimony of your goodness. Use her and her loved ones to win souls for You. I haven’t met her yet, and I really, really want to meet and talk to them personally, and help them plan for their wedding. Please Father, please?

Lord, I’m really counting on you. Sige na. please? please? please?

I pray these in Christ’s name,


Father, I’m making my prayer public, so that WHEN You honor it, people will realize how great You are, and they will follow you because of this. Father ha?

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