If You’re HYPHY and You Know It


Fil and I received a very nice gift this Christmas: a membership card to ENJOY! If you haven’t heard about it, Enjoy is a first class privilege card in the Philippines. It offers freebies and discounts from various establishments in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Boracay. Fil and I used it for the very first time in Hyphy’s.
Why Hyphy’s? One, because Fil and I planned to spend our first Christmas Day off shopping in Robinson’s Galleria, Two, it’s the only food establishment in Robinson’s Galleria included in our privilege card: the card offered a coupon that allowed us to have 50% off our food bill.
When we were finalizing our decision, Fil kept on teasing me, saying “O, dun tayo sa Ipis kakain.” (Oh, we’ll be eating inside the Roach). It was only when we got to the resto that we found out how to pronounce Hyphy’s properly: Hai-fees and not Hee-fees đŸ™‚

The front page of their menu explains it well. It said, to be HYPHY is to be dangerous, irrational, maybe crazy. To be HYPHY is to be amazingly eccentric, without inhibition. Crazy, goody, fly — that’s HYPHY.
hmm… that fits my personality!
We were the sole customer when we got there — it was around 3pm then. The servers were prompt and alert. They were quick to give their recommendation: Clam chowder for soup, Tacos as appetizer, Meatloaf and Buttered Chicken as mains. They also recommended Pear Chill, a mocktail to us.
Well, we ordered everything they said except for the clam chowder.




After taking our order, their server hurried back to give us water. In less than five minutes, the tacos arrived, followed by the drinks.



The tacos were not bad. The Pear Cooler was very delicious. I love how food establishments take liberty in creating their own concoctions.

Then our main dishes arrived. Fil got the meatloaf, I got the chicken. The meatloaf was ok. It was just a bit dry. I think the cook needs to be trained how not to press its natural oil out while cooking (similar to how you should cook burger patties). The chicken, however, exceeded my expectation. It was quite good!



We opted not to have dessert, for we planned to watch a movie after eating.

Our total food bill should have amounted to P784, plus 8% service charge. But because of our Enjoy coupon, we only paid P455. Not bad, right?


This is the Enjoy card and coupon I used. Thanks Haydon and Anna!





I enjoyed our first use of the card, and I enjoyed Hyphy’s too. If you’re Hyphy and you know it, clap your hands!

To know more about Enjoy Cards,visit http://enjoythebest.ph/

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