Casa Filipino


Last night, I had dinner with my longtime VIP pals. Initially, we planned to eat at Chef Laudico’s Bistro Filipino. They were fully booked, so they couldn’t accommodate us. They then recommended their sister company, Chef Laudico’s Casa Filipino.

Located in Scout Torillo corner Scout Fernandez, Tomas Morato area, Casa Filipino offers Filipino buffet meals. Weeknights and Weekends cost P488 per person, plus service charge.

We arrived past 9pm, due to bad traffic (on my companion’s part) and another party we committed to attending (the dress as a movie character party of Imaginenation). Staff welcomed us warmly and ushered us to our seats. As advertised, they offered famous Filipino dishes like Kare-kare, Kaldereta, Lechon, Liempo, Hipon, Alimango, Tilapia, Sinigang, and others. Angus Beef took the centerpiece. They also offered a salad bar, dessert station, and pulutan area.

I am not a foodie. For me, food is food and I enjoy a meal as long as it’s edible. My take on yesterday’s food? YUCK. Everything’s salty. Even their pumpkin soup was too salty. Most of the meat was hard, and I only ate the top part of the pizza because its crust was too hard. My companion started to eat her food and simply stopped. Everything was not ok for her. One thing that all of us liked, was their Tilapia.

Sticking to a Filipino theme, their dessert offering was quite limited. There are tons of mini cupcakes all around, watermelon and pineapple slices, chocolate fondue, kutsinta, and chocolate pudding. The chocolate pudding was rich and yummy. The rest was so-so.

Overall, food was oily and heavy. Fil and I each had one plate of hot food and one plate of dessert, and they kept us full already (considering that it was our first real meal of the day). Verdict: 不好吃.



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