Party Preps


It’s my first time to prepare for our own party in our own house. Aside from regular Covenant Singers rehearsals and a few friends, most of my friends and relatives have not been to our house. Not much to see actually, and our place is just enough for a family of five: Fil, me, and our three baby cats.

As thanksgiving and to commemorate our fifth Christmas in our humble abode, Fil and I decided to have a small Christmas party: a gathering of a few people mostly from (various) churches.

Well, the party is set 18 hours from now, and I’m quite excited actually.

Yesterday, I asked Boyet, my mother’s assistant, to help me clean the house. He took a cab, brought mama’s vacuum all the way from Caloocan, and cleared all the dust away. Marie, my mother-in-law’s helper, also helped clean the kitchen. With our forces combined, our small apartment suddenly looked spacious!

our now spacious studio

compared to a day before, our kitchen and living area is quite organized now.

A party won’t be complete without food. This is the menu I plan to prepare:

  1. Salad “Bar” – lettuce, cheese, ham, olives, with vinaigrette or ranch dressing.
  2. Pizza – order from either Calda’s or Big Guys! Pizza
  3. Pasta – Angel Hair Pasta with Grilled Chicken in Creamy Pesto Sauce – Fresh basil was out of stock a while ago. Hopefully, I can buy some tomorrow. I just marinated my chicken with canned pesto sauce.
  4. Blackberry Muffin – I just finished baking this an hour ago! It tasted good but its seed is quite irritating.
  5. Graham Mango and Strawberry Float – This one I plan to do tomorrow. Hopefully, there is time for it to settle and freeze.
  6. Nachos with Spinach Dip – for after dinner snacks

I also prepared drinks – C2 Iced tea, Royal, Calamansi (lime) Soda, Orange juice, water, and 12 bottles of Tanduay Ice. Hopefully this is enough.

I invited 20 people, but the food I prepared is just good for 12 persons (per dish). Hopefully those will be enough for all. If it’s suddenly not enough, then I might resort to serving Herbalife shakes 🙂

Oh, and if you are one of the lucky invited guests, I would like to warn you ahead of time: we only have two small plastic tables 😛

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