Nervous for tomorrow’s schedule


Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011

715am – sound check

745am – Sunrise Praise and Worship, with Jen, Orts, Charwin, Jeff, and Fil.

930am – Sunday School rehearsal for our Dec 18 presentation

1130am – lunch break

130pm – leave for Binondo

2pm – group song rehearsal at YMCA Benavidez

430pm – leave for Cubao

5pm – call time/rehearsal in Gateway Mall

6pm – conduct TCS for our Carols at the Covenant (Sextet only)

730pm – leave for New Manila

8pm – sing carols for the family of Joy Or

9pm – go home


Not as hectic as my earlier doom days (see this blog) but still intense, considering that I’m not in my optimum now. This type of schedule will go on until our Christmas break, hopefully by next week!

any thoughts you'd like to share?

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