Through the Looking Glass


The first time I saw him was when I went to Shangri-La Spa. He was with friends, sitting by the pool. Someone from the table cracked a joke and he pulled his head back to laugh out loud. That was when his eyes met mine. I didn’t know that he was rich or important. All I knew was that he was attracted to me as I was with him.

There was a big storm coming. It was forecasted to be really big, so devastating, that the entire city would be buried underwater and buildings that not sturdy enough would collapse due to the heavy rain flow. Because of this, the Christian community decided to stay and seek refuge in the sturdiest and tallest tower in the city: The New Millennium  Evangelical Church (NMEC) tower.

Before the said storm arrived, I made Bibingka and met my new love in the restaurant his family owned. It was then when he told me that he was a prince. We spent a lot of time arguing about who would shoulder the cost for the sauce, the bibingka, the other orders in the resto, etc. I was being stubborn — I insisted on paying for everything knowing fully well that he’d refuse and take responsibility for everything. I huffed out and walked away. When I was near the door, his dad stopped me to say “you should know when to give in, you know.” Then I ran away from the prince and his restaurant. The sky was getting dark. We would die and not see each other ever again.

The storm was coming. He drove his car and pursued me. He didn’t see me for I had to take the inner roads to walk to NMEC. I stopped by KFC to urinate. It was the only food establishment open at that time. The manager said they refuse to go down without a fight, and chose to serve ’til the end. It was there where he found me. It was there when he proposed. It was there when he decided to buy out KFC and serve everything that was there for our wedding reception. I agreed. We got out and went to his car. Then for unknown reasons, he pulled out a KFC delivery boy from his motorcycle, gave him his car keys, and drove the boy’s motorcycle away, leaving the boy to drive me to NMEC tower.

The boy-driver, the KFC manager, and I, braved the thunderstorm and rain to go to the tower. A lot of people were already there in the tower — some I recognized, some don’t. There were people from Jubilee Evangelical Church, NMEC, and other churches. News about me and the prince was spreading. They found it hard to believe. They suspected that it was just a rumor because the King (his father) would certainly not agree to it.  I refused to mind them for at that point in time, he was not beside me and I didn’t even know if he was alive or not. Still, I waited for him, wishing he would make it to the shelter. People were eating the KFC we brought in. I walked around and peeked through the windows — flood was rising pretty fast. Tall buildings outside were being covered by muddy water. Everyone should start moving up to the higher floors, I thought.

Then, I saw him. He was wet and dirty, and he stood by the door, so still, simply staring at me. I gave a shout, we ran to each other and hugged really, really tight.  He kissed me. And out of the blue, the king appeared in the form of Mike Go. He told us with a serious face, “Did you think I’ll get mad? She has a precedence. All the other queens (pertaining to his wife and his mother) were beautiful just Iike her!”

With that, I was quite relieved that he welcomed me to his family. All is well, I thought.

Remembering the flood, we decided to proceed to the higher floors. But I got hungry and thirsty, and I remember all the food that the lower floors. There was still time to prepare for the “rainy days” to come. So I asked my prince if I could go back down to get food. He accompanied me back down, and it was then when I saw one of my friends, Jacsy. I was about to introduce her to my prince. I said, “Jacsy, meet my husband,” –when I looked at my prince, he had transformed to a stuffed toy!

Jacsy made fun of me, thinking I was just fooling around and was a bit delusional. I was devastated, for I thought he would stand up for me. Then another friend of ours, Jacklyn Chong, approached us and congratulated me on our wedding. She kept asking my prince to turn back to human, and nothing happened.

I kept in waiting for the prince to appear again but he remained the immobile — a stuffed little doll that looks exactly like Filbert.

Alarm rang, and I woke up.

shanda in wonderland

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