Co-Working Space


Thank you for your warm response with my blog Haggling is for Hags. This one is also a reaction to another article I read in that same magazine, Entrepreneur December 2009 issue, entitled “Solo, But Not Alone” by David Port.
As a brief summary, the article shares about a new generation of entrepreneurs congregating in one united area. It reveals that there is a trend in the States where self-employed people are beginning to look for a workplace that combines the best of a home office, an internet café, and a traditional office. Why? because working from home needs a certain discipline not all can manage — waking up early, working instead of watching TV, etc. — similar reasons why studying in libraries or study groups is more effective than studying at home all by yourself.
This gave a rise to the new term “co-working” and “co-working spaces.” Imagine that you, together with 20 other people from different fields decided to rent a shared office, sharing its cost and yet, maintaining your individuality. Result? Your office address becomes more professional, you can get live social interaction everyday, you share your rent expense, you can even refer businesses to one anther, and all these plus still working at your own time and pace. It’s like a mall where sole proprietors, freelancers, independent consultants and artists work and connect under the same roof. A one-stop shop if you must use the term, but a shop where you have personal cubicles and workspaces, and get the feel of actually working and not the feel of doing a personal project at home.
You can also take it a step further by not just sharing rent expense: you can also share receptionist, conference rooms, high-speed internet, kitchen area, printers and fax machines. There are also some co-working spaces in the States that offer lockers, showers, yoga classes and even childcare. This concept is innovative, and yet very Filipino, don’t you think? I mean, how did FX come about? Thru carpools, right?
Imagine an office that you don’t dread working in. You are still your own boss, yet you can set boundaries between your work and home life, and still be around people who are also serious about their work. If you and your co-workers are in complimentary fields, you can even generate new businesses as well.

I wonder how many of you are open to this idea? I wish I have a property I can rent out for something like this 🙂


any thoughts you'd like to share?

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