Swim, Swim, Swim (and make music in the heavens)


Reasons why swimming is the best sport if you are lazy like me.
1. i don’t like sweating.
2. minimal effort on the outfit: you can wear the same thing over and over.
3. Minimal gears needed – swimsuit and goggles will do. In my case, i use a snorkeling gear — i don’t like water up my eyes and nose.
4. If you do not know how to swim, you can hold on to a kick board, move your legs, and still manage to get a workout,
5. If your strokes are wrong, you can kick and flail your arm in whatever direction, and still manage to get a good workout.
6. It has low impact on your knees, thus, lesser injuries can occur.
7. It is a sport you can practice even when you’re in your eighties.
8. Knowing how to swim properly can help save lives in emergency cases. How many sports can boast of that?
9. You can also take it a step further and include vacation in your workout. Beach, snorkeling escapades, hotel pools, diving, surfing and other water activities are somewhat related to swimming.
10. This workout can be social or solitary, romantic or playful, depending on your mood.

Some points of consideration about swimming:
1. You have to find a pool that can accommodate you. This issue is being addressed by the many condominiums being built around the metro, all with pools — just find a friend who lives in one and leech off. You can also join a sports club like YMCA in downtown Manila or QC Sports Club in Quezon City.
2. Sun is harmful to your skin. Make sure that you are properly protected, no matter how cloudy it is. I use Nivea’s Immediate Sun Protection, because I dislike waiting. Normally, you have to put your sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you step in the water. But I dislike waiting, hence, the immediate protection 🙂
3. You can’t be sure about sanitation. Yes, the pool has chlorine. Yes, you can get infected with warts, common colds, etc. when your fellow swimmers have them. And if it’s a particularly busy day with lots of kids around, you can never be too sure that the pool is pee-less.

There you have it, my personal take on the sport i do. I don’t know how to swim without a snorkeling gear, and yet I love being in the water and working out without sweating. I love swimming!


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