Weighty Decisions


Ever since I started my diet, Fil has been nagging me to buy a new weighing scale. A real weighing scale. A scale that will tell my weight accurately instead of changing its mind every time I step on it.
After three months, we finally bought an electronic weighing scale from CDRKing for only Php380.
It was then when I found out that my real weight is heavier that I thought. In my old weighing scale, I weigh 141lbs. and in my new, more accurate weighing scale, I’m still 145lbs! That means I still need to lose 15 more lbs to be in my ideal weight. Bummer.
Nevertheless, That means I was more than 30lbs overweight three months ago. and now I just need to endure this Christmas season and lose more, just in time for my January 28 concert. Um, help?

Have you noticed that I started blogging more frequently now? It’s because of this new keyboard that I mentioned the last time. I hope this will last. I enjoy writing my thoughts and sharing them with you. That’s the kind of self-absorption I savor. Do tell me if it becomes too much. I’m kind of treating this as my journal/diary now.

any thoughts you'd like to share?

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