Latest Ukay Finds and Tootsie’s


Today, Fil and I took an impromptu trip to Tagaytay. I’ve wanted to do so since last month, but have not find time to do it. My main reason for going is for the, ehem, ukay-ukay. (please read my old article about what ukay-ukay is)
We left our house around 11am and arrived in Tagaytay proper 1pm. We decided to eat in a place we have not tried before, and came upon Tootsie’s. The place boasts of home cooked meals. We ordered three dishes: fish and chips, Bianca Marinara, and Mico’s Chicken Wings. While waiting for our order to arrive, Fil and I played “pick-up sticks” (not sure if that’s the name but it’s something I played before when I was young). Guess what we used for playing… Lemongrass! That was the table decor in Tootsie’s.


Our orders arrived and here they are. Fil ate these together with one cup of rice. Our total bill amounted to Php610 — not bad considering we ate things that are good for three people in my opinion.

Their Fish and Chips was surprisingly good. It looked hard outside but it was quite tender inside. They cooked it “for sharing” because it was already made into strips instead of one slab of fish.

The pasta is not bad, with taste leaning towards the Italian side.

We had our wings prepared in two ways — spicy and plain. The order came with veggie sticks and blue cheese dip. The spicy wings tasted like Charlie’s Burger’s mild spicy wings. The plain wings looked and tasted like homemade, breaded, deep-friend chicken that my aunt’s maid always cook. Nothing special, but not bad.

After lunch, we hurried to my favorite ukay place. I won’t tell you the exact location, for places like these are best kept in secret. That’s the selfishness in me. If you know about it, then you’ll go there, and then there will be lesser nice items for me to choose from, am I right?

Fil left me here for two hours and I happily rummaged through the sea of second-hand clothes.

For exactly one thousand pesos, these are the things I bought for myself:

(animal print blouse w/c for me is Katrina inspired)

(sexy cat shirt, a design that I’ll never grow tired of)

(GGYS bohemian inspired pants)

(moulin rouge inspired leggings)

(thick black shawl)

Now, when Fil came back to fetch me, I forced him to try some clothes on. And these are what he got for himself:

(U2 gray polo)

(Shanghai expo 2010 shirt)

(Japanese robe made of 100% cotton)

(Bossini leisure fit polo shirt)

(Balenciaga plain white polo)

Happy with those purchases, we decided to go back to Manila via Coastal road. Since Fil took time on his day off to accommodate my ukay needs, bringing me all the way to Tagaytay, I volunteered to drive back home. Turned out to be a bad decision. We left Tagaytay City proper 5pm. It’s now 8:30 and we’re still in Roxas Blvd, not yet passing Edsa. I have handed the wheel back to Fil in the middle of the highway when we reached Roxas and it was still traffic all the way. Yes, I’m writing my blog in the car, using my iPod touch and an external keyboard to type.

Since the area is still traffic and we obviously won’t be able to make it to our Wednesday group meeting, Fil and I decided to have dinner in Mall of Asia. As I type this, we are just entering the parking area.

— time passes by —

It is now early midnight of December 1 and we just arrived at home. Christmas time is here!

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