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Tonight, my aunt Eleanor and uncle Jun invited us a thanksgiving dinner. For taking time to help Jenevieve out in her 18th birthday preparation, we feasted on the sumptuous international dishes in Vikings — the latest buffet craze in town.
For a Tuesday night, the place was pretty packed. Not a single vacant chair, and almost all the patrons are Filipino-Chinese. According to my cousins, they always see an acquaintance when they dine in that place. True enough, we did met someone we know. One of them was a former Kindermusik student of mine, whom i taught for one semester when she was still 18 months old. I didn’t recognize her anymore, for she has grown and is now three years old. But, she whispered the word “Kindermusik” to her mom and her mom remembered me. What a wonderful memory tool music is! She remembered me and associated my face with her experience when she was still a toddler. Simply amazing!

Aside from that story, allow me to share my food shots with you. I only drank Herbalife shakes for breakfast and lunch, so I hope my calorie counting is not over-overboard.
I only ate the things I liked, and ate them in small (if you agree with me) portions. Now, I was not actively counting calories, but at the back of my mind, my friend Dawn’s voice lingered. I of course ignored it 🙂

(this is plate number 1– steamed shrimp and oysters with cheese on top)

(plate number 2, and yes, those are caviar)

(plate number 3 – grilled lamb, tempura, pizza)

(plate 4 — maki, mantou of which half i gave to Fil, Peking duck, Thai salad)

(round 5 – this was strawberry yoghurt – I finished it before I remembered to document it)

(plate 6 — tapioca, egg tart, brownie slice, kutsinta)

(last plate — fruit slices, another piece of kutsinta, and another pizza slice!)

Please don’t let me gain too much weight Lord….

The thing that I find interesting these past two nights, is the opportunity to meet old friends and have meaningful conversations. Yesterday, I met with one of my college friend, someone I really look up to and admire, someone who is as crazy as me and yet grounded in her own way. It had been more than four years since we met and I was really happy to have that chance to bond with her. I really missed her. And like what she told me, she was the one who coined the term “SHANDAWANDA” 😀

After our dinner party tonight, I went to another friend’s house to chat a bit with her. I was so happy to find out that our answered prayer (about her) came true!!!!!!!!! *rolls shoulders *shivers with delight. It is such a joy to know that God really provides the best if you wait patiently for it. Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight.


Tomorrow is a holiday in Manila so hopefully, I can rest a bit before going back to my normally busy schedule.

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  1. my shandawanda, i love your craziness and determination to have fun in this glorious world we live in.

    as for food, i believe that if you eat with love, the food will get processed by all the cells who are merrily feeling your enjoyment of eating. Easy in, easy out. Hehe! Bon appetit!


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