Counting My Blessings


I am counting my blessings. It pays to be grateful and to know that all these happened because of God, and God alone. He is the one who gives, and He is the one who takes.

1. New Tutor Business — we were not planning this at all, but God gave this to us without any prodding. It’s like, we just opened up our hands to receive it, and everything else is falling to place. Special thanks to my Uncle James Uy, also a principal sponsor in our wedding, for supporting us financially. What do you think about the name Rhyme Lab Learning Center?

2. New car — Fil’s old fourth-hand car died last April. It was a 1989 Corolla that we kept on resurrecting. My mom lent us the money to buy a second-hand car that’s really nice.

that’s our new second-hand car! Fil used it as model in one of his shoots

3. Friendships — as most of you know, I am not a friendly person. But this year, God is changing me to become friendlier and more social, in such a way that I can connect more with me cell group mates, praise and worship team mates, students, and friends from other groups. I also got a chance to bond with my longtime mentor in our recent trip. With The Covenant Singers, well, things are pretty much the same.

4. Family — I felt the love of my Church family, my relatives and the support of my friends and acquaintances when my dad passed away last April. I also got the opportunity to organize family trip to Palawan, my cousin’s debut celebration, and helped out Joyceybabes in the moon cake dice game preparations. My sister also had her Grand recital this year, which had a wonderful turn out.

Uy family pic in Palawan

Elaine's recital. My dad's there - fourth person from the right.

Jenevieve’s 18th

5. Events — in counting my blessings, i counted the number of events we had for this year, and it amounted to 50! truly more than the past years. Some are minor — just singing, some are major – like the event we had in Davao last July. Nevertheless, I am amazed at how God blessed us in this aspect. Other more established hosts have more than 100 every year. Some even reached 150 events. but personally, I think 50 events in one year is not bad 🙂

singing gig in Robinson’s Mall for valentine’s day

6. Trips — This year, we have been to Hong Kong with The Covenant Singers and to Shanghai with Fil and George. Funds are limited, but I am glad for the chance to go.

with TCS in HK
Fil, George, and me, in the Bund, Shanghai

7. Ministries — I was one of the officers for Jubilee’s Powercamp and I had a blast helping out. I have been temporarily conducting The Covenant Singers this year, and we are waiting for a certain conductor (ehem Bev) to answer our prayers and teach us when she gets back. Fil and I are both active in Sunday School and is currently organizing the Sunday School Christmas Presentation this coming December 18. We also joined the XEE training last summer and hopefully, there will be time for us to share the gospel and train more soul winners.

TCS sharing the gospel in hk
officers meeting in powercamp

8. Weight-loss — This is the most important thanksgiving of all. My mood these past years has been in a constant roller coaster because of this. Acquaintances will greet me with the words “Ang taba mo na” (You are very fat already). Well-meaning relatives will tell me to start losing weight during family reunions. I didn’t like to look at myself because I was ugly and fat. Together with some friends, we started swimming twice a week. Then, Pastor Phi, one of my friends, introduced my to Herbalife. It saved my sanity. My depression is gone. Why? because from September of this year until today, i have already lost 18 lbs. This has never happened to me before. Well, I need to lose 12 to 17 more lbs to go back to my weight 10 years ago 🙂

These are the blessings I have in my life. And I praise God for them. He rocks!!!

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  1. Congratulations on losing the 18 pounds! Keep on taking your shake everyday, stick to the program and you’ll lose the rest in time. I’ve lost 20 pounds and 6 inches off my waistline so far and still counting. Truly, there are many things to be thankful to God for! Take care and God bless! 🙂


  2. You guys are so busy! How do you manage to breathe? 😀 Seriously, I like your car, Elaine’s recital (why wasn’t I in the picture?! Joke), I love how you pose so well in pictures (teach me that!), and I’m envious of your Shanghai trip! 😀 Isn’t weight loss great?! It’s really different when you can look and feel confident about yourself. Not that you looked fat before! I think you still looked great without the weight loss. But what’s exhilarating is the ability to take charge of your life (weight-wise)! And also your health 🙂 Thanks for sharing all these things with us.


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