Second Shang-day


(this continues my Welcome to Shanghai blog. Again, photos here were taken by Filbert and George)

October 26: Ouchy Feet

We availed of the free breakfast in the hostel. Then we proceeded to our most torturous day ever:

  1. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center (上海城市规划展览馆) – 40rmb to tour this. Not worth visiting if you are not into architecture or politics. We got there via MRT line 1 to People’s Square Station.

    posing in the lobby of Shanghai Urban Planning and Exhibition Center

    a glimpse of what we saw

    snacking outside the exhibition center

  2. East Nánjīng Road (南京东路) – we strolled along this busy street and bought some souvenir items. We got there via MRT line 2 to East Nánjīng Road Station.

    walking along east Nanjing road

  3. 上海人家 in Yúnnán Road (云南路) – this was where we had our most delicious meal in Shanghai, and it was not very expensive. You should try their dumplings (小笼包) and Braised pork (红烧肉). Yummy!

    xiao long bao, lettuce in peanut sauce, expensive green tea

  4. Fúzhōu Road (福州路) – where we visited bookstores and brought oh so heavy books.

    This bookstore boasts of a seven-storey building full of books -- mostly Chinese, but its music section was very satisfying

  5. Taxi back to hostel to leave our things
  6. Mrt to Dǎ pǔ qiáo Station (打浦桥站) – where we visited my favorite place in Shanghai: Tiánzi fang (田子坊) – this area is composed of small boutiques in tight alleys. Gorgeous designer Mandarin gowns (旗袍) can be found, art stores, souvenir shops, food establishments. It’s really fun to explore this area, or sit in a coffee shop and people-watch.

    a compound of alleys with shops and art stores

  7. Taxi to Xīntiāndì (新天地) – this area is like Manila’s Eastwood — high-end restaurants, cafe, shopping mall, and some small shops scattered all over the area — but in Shanghai style. Details of the past such as the stone doors (石库门) were restored and made part of its design.

    we witnessed the launching of a hotel in Shanghai. They hired several models to pose in xin tian di

    setting the camera


  8. MRT to People’s Square, sight-seeing electric car along east Nánjīng Road and 500m walk to The Bund. The Bund was awesome! We were so tired we could hardly walk, but we still managed to enjoy the place.

    on our way to the bund

    view in the bund

  9. Taxi to Huánghé Road (黄河路) – where we were dropped off to one of their foot spa area. Foot Massage cost 30rmb. It was relaxing after the long walk we had.

    our feet were so tired, any form of massage would do, including the joggling feet massage!

  10. Walk to our hostel and sleep.

notice how far Yunnan road is from the people square station.

Lesson #3: Common Sense. We rode the train from People’s Square to East Nánjīng Station, and walked all the way to Yúnnán Road. Check the map why that was stupid.

Lesson # 4: The reason why I put Tiánzi fang and Xīntiāndì side by side in our itinerary is because Tiánzi fang is located in Tàikāng Road (泰康路), and in my map, that road is near Xīntiāndì. How wrong I was! The one near Xīntiāndì was Tàicāng lù (太仓路) not Tàikāng lù (泰康路)! That’s what i get for not knowing my Pīnyīn (拼音) well.

Have you noticed that the shots here include the three of us? The explanation for that is simple. Fil left his tripod in the hostel the day before, and brought it with him today. 😛

next day: please read Beyond Shanghai

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