Last Day in Shanghai


This is the fourth and last installment of my blog about our 2011 Shanghai Trip. Read the first one here, the second here, and the third here. I hope to visit more places in the future!

October 28: Our Last Day.

After several days of following a strict schedule, visiting gardens, museums and educational sites, We decided to scrap our itinerary and explore Shanghai on our own. We had checked out early and left our things in the luggage room behind the hostel’s front desk.

Halley, the girl beside me, was the primary staff who entertained us. We gave her Philippine dried mangoes as a token of our appreciation.

After breakfast in an Aniusao branch near our hostel, Fil and I decided that we would split up and go our own way, explore the city a bit, and do the things we feel like doing. George, however, did not feel like being alone, and upon hearing where we wish to go, he opted to go with Fil.

really yummy dumplings for only 2yuan each

My Tour:

I went back to Fúzhōu Road to look for a nice stationery shop. Spent around an hour browsing and buying cute notebooks and pens. Then, I took a cab back to our hostel to drop my purchases off, and walked for 20 mins to a local place where I bought a very cheap trolley bag for only 110rmb. Cab back to the hostel to drop the new luggage off, then I went back to Tiánzi fang, where Fil, George and I eventually meet up for a 3pm lunch.

Fil and George’s Tour:

Fil and George went to Dōngtái Road (东台路), a street full of antiques and knickknacks and they bought several Jade accessories. Then they went to Lǔbān Road (鲁班路) and visited the camera market there. It was there where Fil got his brand new travel tripod for around 500rmb. Then they met up with me in Tiánzi fang.

dong tai lu

We met up in My Thai @ Hiro, in no 29, lane 248 Tàikāng Road. Like all the quaint restaurants in the area, food was delicious but a bit pricey. Spent roughly 300rmb for our meal.

second floor of the resto

Lesson #6: Inquire about the size of the food when ordering, because in My Thai, I ordered three sets of Roti Bread, thinking that they’d be one sold per piece. It was too late when I found out that each order consisted of two pieces of Roti. 

After our very late lunch, we took our sweet time exploring the shops in the area, and we had so much fun that Fil and I finished all our pocket-money there. Fil bought our very first art piece — a glimpse of China in photograph, what else?

store where Fil bought his first art piece

At around 7pm, we headed back to our hostel to fix our things and rush to airport. Wrong time management on my part, because it was rush hour then. We hailed a cab to bring us to Line 2 station, and took the MRT all the way to Pudong International Airport for only 6rmb. It took us roughly 90 minutes to get to the airport, and it was divine intervention that allowed us not to be late for check in. Why? because the plane from Manila was late 😛

Lesson #7: You can never be too early in the airport. When planning for your trip, you have to make allowances for errors and boo-boos, especially when trying to catch a flight. Enough said. 

George treated us dinner in the airport, which was super expensive because of the bottled water EVIAN (30rmb per bottle), and we just found out afterwards that cheaper bottled water can be found in vending machines around the boarding areas. tsk, tsk!

The plane finally arrived 1:30am of October 29, and we arrived in Manila around 5:30am. Pockets empty, but hearts full of treasured memories.

The last picture George took of us, taken near our hostel, prior to rushing to the airport and going back home

Thank you for taking time to read my very long (but hopefully informative and interesting) blog. We won’t be able to travel a lot next year due to business, but I hope to get back on track the year after 🙂

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  1. You have a good blog Shanda. Will be looking forward to your travel stories. I really appreciate the Travel Lessons included in your blog. I’ll definitely follow your valuable tips when visiting Shanghai. Love the pictures uploaded. Thank you for sharing your stories and pictures. More power!


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