The Smear in My Good Name



When my father passed away last April, I received an anonymous text offering condolences and also offering to do a mass for my dad. Thinking that it was one of my high school classmates, I was pretty firm in my reply. It was something like: “no. Please don’t do that. We are Christians. Who’s this?” (or maybe even harsher). Then the person replied and it was sister Anunciata, the dean of college of music of st Paul. I thought I had replied already but due to the business of the wake, I probably forgot about it. either that or I sent something and she didn’t receive it. Whatever actually happened, I believe that I was at fault there, for being rude and for not apologizing about my rudeness. Talk about bad impression and bad representation.

I forgot all about this incident until one day, last July or August, one of my friends, Trixy told me: “alam mo ba, grabe talaga ginawa sayo ni prof. C. Sinabi nya sa buong class namin yung tinext mo kay sister Anunciata nung namatay dad mo at hindi ka pa nagreply nung sinabi nyang sya si sister. Ang Bastos. Ang sama talaga syempre kasi sinabi nya in public, sa harap ng buong class eh di pangit na tingin nila sayo, hindi ka pa naman nila kilala.” (you know, it was really awful what prof. C did to you. He told the entire class about what you did to sister Anunciata when your dad passed away. Very rude because you didn’t even replied to her when she told you who she was. It was bad that he told the story in public, to people who do not know you, for they might have formed a bad impression about you already)

I know I made a mistake. But he had no right to do that to me. What should you do if a student of yours errs? Confront the student and correct her, right?

As soon as I found out about it, I texted sister Anunciata and apologized for my rudeness. It was a stressful time but that is not an excuse for my lack of reply. She said sorry as well, but she was just surprised about the intense negativity and mentioned that she wanted to talk to me about the incident but didn’t have the opportunity (the subject I need is not bring offered at that time so I didn’t enroll). I was glad we got to communicate and I thought this thing is over.

Now, there seems to be more talk about this incident, sprouting from the faculty. Was it from him again? I do not know. A good teacher of mine advised me to visit sister Anunciata personally to apologize. I plan to do that next week. Hopefully I won’t see mr. C or I might give him a direct snub. Grrrrr!

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  1. never mind that person. just focus on your everyday walk. soon you will get over this. at least we know that it’s not a good thing to be unable to control one’s mouth. also, we can live peacefully in our own lives even without minding others’ business.


  2. It would be so easy to cast a bad light on this person since we’ve been receiving comments about him left and right. Why are there people like this who seem to have nothing better to do? Still, we are called to rise above these situations instead. I pray this can be settled without bloodshed hehe


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