Time flies. It seems like it was just a year ago when Fil and I exchanged vows. I find it hard to believe that we got married September 27, 2007 — four years ago!

I want to write this blog to remember and mark our wedding anniversaries. “Special” things happen during our anniversary celebration.

Fil gives me flowers every year

First Anniversary (2008):  Fil got his first DSLR and we traveled to Subic with one of our tail lights broken. Law enforcers stopped us, got Fil’s license in the middle of the highway, and so I volunteered to drive all the way. I remembered that in SCTEX back then, it was midnight, no street lights, there was no car in the entire highway except us, and we kept singing gospel songs all the way because we just watched the first episode of Supernatural together (my first and last), where a spirit woman in white would appear in the road.

Second anniversary (2009): We planned a trip to Coron, and ONDOY came. Needless to say, our flight was cancelled and Metro Manila was never the same. I praise God though, for not flooding our house despite the fact that we live in basement. We went to Coron a few weeks after and I brought my wedding gown to have photo shoot with Fil in various island. Fil lost his memory card when we got back to Manila. I blogged about this trip in my old multiply site:

one of the pictures salvaged from light room (think print screen and save)

Third anniversary (2010): Fil and I spent the night in Sofitel. We bought an Accor Advantage card, and it offered a free night’s stay. We upgraded our room to executive, availed of the late check out (4pm), unlimited high-speed internet connection (we downloaded three TV series), access to club lounge (where we were served unlimited drinks, eat all you can pm snacks and cocktails), breakfast in Spiral. We looooove this hotel!

our room in sofitel last sept 2010

Fourth Anniversary (2011): Yesterday, typhoon Pedring came, and electricity was cut off. Fil got me flowers, I put them in a makeshift vase with water, and Sam-Sam spilled it. No work, no school, so Fil and I spent the entire day home with our babies. That evening, we went ate at A Taste of L.A. in Tomas Morato area. Yummy food and fantastic ambiance! Then we got back home and I finished my preparations for TCS. Then I found out that the workers of Philippine Airlines had a strike, and Sofitel got flooded.

star gazers from Fil -- taken before the babies push it off.

I wonder what will happen next year? Needless to say, getting married or planning a trip for the last week of September is not a good idea. The probability of rain is high. The chance of typhoon is higher! haha!

any thoughts you'd like to share?

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