Another day like this…


Another jam-packed day today:

730am sound check at JEC sanctuary

750am song-led with Fil for sunrise worship

810am listened to the message by rev. Vicente Sia

910am sang the closing song

930am led kids praise and worship in JEC conference room with the help of teachers Ritchie and Cecile.
10am taught Sunday school with Nadine Or

1045am left New Manila to travel to Marina (near coastal mall)

1130pm arrived in the 1st birthday party of Alan and Cary’s daughter Sophie and had food cart snacks

1230pm watched Fil lead the thanksgiving prayer

1245pm left the party to travel to Malabon

120pm fetched Lu Vergara on the way

150pm arrived in pastor Asser’s church in time for a quick sound check with the covenant singers.

210pm sat thru the worship service celebrating the church’s third anniversary

330pm our turn to sing three songs

345pm said our goodbyes to travel to Caloocan

430pm arrived in my mom’s place to drop off laundry, have a quick snack and shower.

5pm Boyet, mama’s bodyguard, discovered that one of our car’s wheels had three pieces of screw stuck and he help us change the tire.

545pm left Caloocan to travel to Makati

6pm arrive in new world hotel in time for sound check and last-minute updates

8pm hosted the wedding of Michael and Florida Sze. Saw Ritchie Dematera, Leon and Karen yu, some past clients and other acquaintances from the Chinese community.

1050pm left Makati to go to new Manila

1120pm arrived at alan’s place to pick up leftover food from lunch party

1140pm left alan’s place

1144pm arrived home, tired yet thankful that God sustained us

1150pm took care of the needs of the cats.

11:59pm used the computer to write about this day.

If you think this is tiring, Fil’s even more tired because he drove me to all these places!

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