Corned Beef, Anyone?



Fil and I are active promoters of Filipino products. Quality Filipino products, that is. One example is toothpaste. Why get Colgate when there is our very own Happee?

One recent discovery that we are very happy about, is corned beef. Once in a while, we would buy imported and very expensive corned beef to treat ourselves. One day, we came upon swift’s black label premium corned beef.
We tried it out with the rationale “why get imported when quality local product is available?”

Lo and behold, we were hooked, so hooked that we now buy a few cans every time we visit the supermarket. Other corned beef brands are not good enough anymore. We have finally found our true love.

It is not cheap, a 210g can costs php58.50 in SM supermarket. But trust me, it’s worth a try.

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  1. masubukan nga ito.

    currently, the ones i like are:
    1. Palm or any of those New Zealand/Australia brands. super pricey, but super good
    2. Purefoods/Hormel, lalo na pag ginisa with onions even though i hate onions
    3. Argentina


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