A Blessing in a Huge Disguise


Today, we took a leave from our tutorial work, to take our 3:30 flight to Davao via PHilippine Airlines. Upon checking in, we were told that our flight will be delayed to 445pm. Come 4pm, they announced that our flight is further delayed because of engine problems. The next available plane will arrive at 745pm. Because of the probable long wait, Fil and I decided to go to Resortworld — they do offer free rides to and fro. When we got there, we had drinks in Starbucks when someone informed us that there was an available 7pm flight that they are not announcing, so Fil and I rushed back to the airport. Unfortunately when we arrived, everyone was lining up and the news is worst that what we had expected. The flight was cancelled and we will all be rebooked to tomorrow. There were only 8 people from our group who got into the 7pm flight, and these were the people who complained really badly when we first heard the news of delay. Everyone else were given the option to either stay in Century Park Hotel or take P1,000 and come for rebooking the next day. Fil and I, of course chose to stay in the hotel. It took four big buses to transport 200+ people from airport to century, and we took it in stride, even making some friends along the way. Although it would have been better if we are now enjoying Marco Polo Davao, I still praise God for not letting us ride a plane with a faulty engine. Praise Him also for allowing us a chance to try out the old century hotel rooms (a place we are always visiting but a place we haven’t seen beyond its ballrooms). 

Please pray for us that we will get to Davao safely. We plan to leave the hotel in a few hours and take the 520am flight. Pray also that we can still rest our voice and hopefully deliver a superb performance. Thanks a lot 🙂

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