June 6, 2011 dream


Fil and I were dancers and we shared an apartment. I introduced him to my friend Mizfeet. He and Mizfeet ended up together. They got married. on their wedding night, instead of tactfully sleeping somewhere else, I pretended not to understand and insisted on sleeping at the same apartment with them. Fil kept on worrying about me because I acted weirdly– the truth is, I was plain jealous.

The next day, I thought of running away, and even commissioned a tricycle driver to bring me somewhere far.

When I got back home from work, I saw a man In the house, who told me he was filbert’s brother. I started flirting with him, and Fil started to get all jealous without knowing why.

I invited the guy to my room and after a few minutes, Fil knocked at our door pretending to ask his brother for something.

Then I thought, maybe Fil has feelings for me too! Maybe he can get his marriage annulled since it was only yesterday and technically nothing happened between him and Mizfeet yet.

Then I woke up, angry at Fil for choosing Mizfeet in my dreams over me.

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