A Eulogy of Sort


It is almost a month since my dad passed away. Tears were shed, sighs of regret were felt, feelings of bitterness were shared, complaints were uttered.

It was only now that he’s completely gone, that I can look back at the good things he has done, and truly mourn for him.

I was his favorite. When I was a baby, he accidentally dropped me and made me hurt really bad. It was then when he promised not to hurt me ever again.  Bring the eldest, I was the first recepient of his love and generosity, his attention and care. I was his princess.

He’d bring me to the bank and show me off.

He’d tell me secrets about him and ask me not to tell anyone.

He encouraged me to join musical plays and singing contests

He borrowed money to gave me a debut party

He bought liquor for me when I told him I needed to practice drinking at home so I’d know how to do it when I’m with friends.

He drove me to my audition in Jec’s bow down the afternoon of his birthday.

He accompanied me to my VIP rehearsals and acted as a driver.

He’d accompany me to my singing gigs for a lady like me needs a chaperone when performing.

He’d buy me expensive pasalubong from abroad, hoping that i would really like them.

He allowed me to paint his nails pink, when I told him I needed to practice on someone.

He scolded my mom instead of me when I destroyed and burned all the idols at home.

He got me Freud from his friend.

He was really proud to be my dad, and even claimed that I am very musical because of him.

It is only now that I realize how much I truly love him. Despite his many faults, i would not be where i am today without his influence and guidance.

Goodbye papa, I hope to see you in heaven someday.

playing the harmonicabig boss in the former halley labels corpplaying the er hu in an event