A Three Day Event


This blog is created for those who wish to know what happened to my dad.

Last Wednesday, my mom went to see a client and saw my father there. He was waiting for her, and he said his health was failing and he needed help and he wanted to come back. He wanted to know if we will accept him. My mom said calmly that she needed time to think. 

That same evening, she went to see a pastor to seek advice about doing the right thing. It was during that time when my father called up my sister and told her that he was having a difficult time breathing. She, together with the very kind bro. Anson Tan rushed to Antipolo to see him, and found him in a small community hospital, Salve Regina, where the nurses are more interested in gossiping than attending to his needs. The ER doctor told them that he needed to be put to ICU and their hospital is not equipped for it. 

It was around 1am of Thursday when they found a hospital that’s under maxicare, had an available room in the icu, and was affordable enough to make our budget of 100k last. They hired an ambulance and off it went to Cardinal Santos. Mama, Fil and I met papa and Elaine there. 

According to the ER doctor, it was heart attack. After a while, he started to feel a bit better and stronger, and we even got to talk. It was around 5am when we got a room in the icu. 

Around 7am that same day (Thursday), he underwent a cardiac arrest and was flat line for a full ten minutes. Coma came afterwards. 

That night, doctors said he wont live without the machines. The family decided to stop all medications and treatment for we believe we were just prolonging the inevitable. 

Today (friday), the family decided to remove the oxygen and respirator. 

As of now (4pm), his heart is still beating. We are just waiting for him to face his judgment day. 

This was his second major heart attack and his second time to be put to icu (year 2004 approx was the first time). 

It is sad because most of us in the family are not as sad as we ought to be. It was more of like a burden lifted.   A big factor is probably because of how he treated my mom particularly in the last five years (they separated because he had another woman, among other things). I guess our mourning happened when the big family breakup occurred. What has happened today is just the aftershock. 

As Christians, we do not fear death. Our life here is temporary. A mere blink in the eyes of our God. Though pastors and family members attempted to share the good news to him, he really did not want to accept Jesus and repent. However, last night, when My sister shared Jesus to him in his comatose state, and after having Rev. Tie and Rev McAdam praying over him, tears flowed down his eyes. Maybe he finally believed? Maybe he was just ecstatic to feel the love and care of his family? Maybe he knew we were already saying goodbye? No one knows. 

As cruel as it may seem, we are praying that God will not prolong this anymore. We hope that papa will peacefully pass on to the other side of the curtain. 

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  2. I didn’t get to talk to your dad as often as I thought should be proper. As I sit here in his hospital room now seeing him suffer and hearing him even through the music in my earphones, I just pray he will be able to leave peacefully. I’m so proud of you for facing him even if it was difficult.

    @ mike: we miss you so much


  3. I came to know more about your father during our heavy work into the preparation of “Base 6” and then eventually, the many performances. You shared with me the stories, Shanda. And right before you were married to Fil, we had another sharing. I completely understand your position, and I now I hoope for the remaining family members to move on. You had your pain in life facing the past and now this, may the good Lord bless you now with forgiveness and moving on.

    Ahia Mike


    • thank you for sharing your thoughts pastor mike. Right now, my dad seems to be growing “stronger” — stable vital signs and all, and now the family is faced with the burden of taking care of him in his vegetative state. Pray for us please?


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