Some have it, some don’t. But how does it manifest? Is it inborn, or is it something you learn as you go about life? What am I talking about?

Picture this: concert of the Philippine Madrigal Singers. you are seated at the best possible seats, and the person on your left  starts motioning and whispering across your face, towards the person to your far right, several times, with big 
movements that invade your personal bubble. 
Then, in the middle of the concert, the movements still continue, gesturing the other person to sit closer to them, (at a seat not theirs!)
During intermission, they bring out sandwiches and eat them right there in their seats, fully knowing that it was not permitted. And when the personnel told them about it they just laughed it off. 
When the show was about to start, they crossed in front of us to get tissue from their friend. 
It’s not only them. Some people to our right started using their cellphone as flashlight to look at the program in he middle of the show. Cellphones tooted and alarms rang. 
Worst of all, some guests behind us started singing along with the choir. Hello!? It’s not as if we went there to hear you sing!

Who is to blame for this lack of manners? Maybe it is the parent’s fault for not spending quality time with kids. Maybe it’s the school’s fault for not exposing kids and teaching them things like these. Maybe it is society in general, the freedom and liberation these times bring about. We have to remember that everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial– and this statement is only true for Christians!

I vow, that if ever we have kids, I’ll teach them manners and consideration and empathy, that it’s ok to be yourself and act yourself but not at the expense of other people. And that there is an appropriate time and place for everything. Breeding is not inborn, it can be learned by me and you and everyone else. 

any thoughts you'd like to share?

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