Mandarin and Me: my experience with Mandarin Oriental


After four months of inactivity, i now come back to write about my this afternoon with Mandarin Oriental, Makati Philippines.

My experience may be an isolated incident, but nevertheless, I claim the right to rant about it.

I had an event in Mandarin Oriental’s Tin Hau restaurant, lunch time. It was raining after the party and I didn’t bring my umbrella — the car was parked in their parking lot in front of the hotel entrance.

I asked the guard for help and he told me that I can borrow an umbrella from the concierge. I went to the concierge and they said “sure, what’s your room number ma’am?” When they found out that I didn’t book a room from their hotel, they pointed me to the valet service and told me to seek their help. I went to the valet service and they asked me to see the concierge again. Getting tired of this, I made a decision to run to the car, in the middle of the heavy rain, despite my high heels and party attire.

To my delight, a security guard shielding himself with an umbrella approached me as I ran. Help has arrived, I thought.

Then he said “miss, parang basa kayo ah, ingat ha (miss, you seem to be getting wet, take care!)” and left me.

International five star hotel? I don’t think so.

Food in Tin Hau is good, by the way.

any thoughts you'd like to share?

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