When God Closes Doors (the answer)


Do you have a specific sin that you constantly struggle with? For some, it is lust. For others, it’s procastination. One of mine is impatience–the inability to wait, always wanting things to happen NOW!

In line with this, i want to thank everyone who prayed for Fil and me. God really takes good care of us. You’ll find out why as you continue to read on…

Our Kindermusik classes managed to pick up and we now met the minimum amount of students.

A few people auditioned for treble chorus, and we will have our first rehearsal in a while.

I have began to find motivation (somehow) to visit the gym. I pray that this will stick to me.

Fil’s cousin found time to talk to us. So if we find enough capital for the business, we can actually have stable income, enough for us to start a family!

These recent developments aren’t conclusive, but I take them as divine intervention. Through my reading, God is telling me to “stop complaining and just patiently wait for things to happen.” that I should “just be still and KNOW that He is God.”

Life is not perfect. But with God making my path straight, why should I even attempt to direct my life? I should learn to fully surrender…to stop being so epal (literally and figuratively).

God closes doors, that’s true. But sometimes, He leaves them unlocked.

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  1. nice one shands, been there too… though sa case ko.. i was just asking GOD to take care of me… kasi im not spiritually grounded for the longest time ( w/c is bad )
    anyway, when things start to pick up ( after months of depression ) siyempre im sensitive naman to feel that GOD is taking care of me. giving me second chances and molding me to trust him more as days pass by.. hope you and fil stay strong and rely on his grace


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