My 911 List


Last Thursday, my husband had an emergency. He left his wallet at home, and he couldn’t get out of the mall. He called me up and I helped him by announcing it in facebook. After a few minutes, concerned friends responded. After two hours, he was finally home.

Problems like these are not life-threatening, but quite inconvenient to other people. When something like this happens, who will help you unconditionally? Which people will help you wholeheartedly? More importantly, who will you not be ashamed to ask help from?

This got to me. If the same thing hapened to me, who’ll be there? Aha! Making a list is perfect. Who are the people who will be there for me, whether to give encouragement, to act as intercessors, to physically help out, to motivate or to teach a lesson? I believe these are the people I can rely on:

1. My husband. As my lifetime partner, Fil spoils me and treats me really nice. I don’t think I can survive without him.

2. My family. Special mention to my mom and my sister-in-law Katrina. My mom shows her love by her helpful attitude. She is always there for me and she goes out of her way to help me out in times of trouble. My sister in law is the one taking care of our three babies whenever my husband and I are out of town.

3. The Covenant Singers. This is my extended family. We see each other twice a week, and we’ve always treat each other like family: we may not necessarily get along with everyone in the group, or like everybody, but we work together for God’s glory.

4. Ortigas wednesday group. This is the group who serve me midweek bible truths. Extremely suportive!

5. Christian friends in general. Somehow, asking favors from Christian Friends is less embarrassing and less imposing. Maybe because relationships blessed by God are based on truths. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we should help one another because we are motivated by a higher calling.

6. My lifelong mentors. These are the people who have influenced me and helped me become who I am today. Special mention to George Ong, my
mentor since I was 12 years old — he was the one who got me into winning various singing contests, teaching choreography, hosting (my first hosting gig back in yr2000 was thru his recommendation), teaching choir, and more. Another lifelong mentor is my ninang Amy Miller, whom I knew since yr2006. From her I learned basic household chores like how to cook and clean house, important ministry insights, pieces of spiritual and practical advice, and it was thru her that i realized serving God is a very fulfilling way to live your life.

Believe it or not, if you are mentioned here, it means God is using you to bless my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! 🙂

any thoughts you'd like to share?

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